Here are the books written by Sharon Woods Hopkins and Bill Hopkins, The Deadly Duo. 
All about the murder mystery fiction from Sharon Woods Hopkins and Bill Hopkins, writing as The Deadly Duo.
Killerwatt (First in the Rhetta McCarter Series)

Banker Rhetta McCarter’s ongoing battles usually involve mortgage loans, federal lending regulations, threats of bulges on her butt, and her closet-drinking husband. But after one of her mortgage clients dies in a mysterious car accident, she stumbles upon evidence of a terrorist plot to wipe out the entire Midwest power grid. No one believes her—not the FBI, local law enforcement, or her husband. Rhetta convinces her assistant, and loan officer, Woody, a former Marine, to help her stop the attack. Problems mount and time begins running out, leaving Rhetta alone to stop the bad guys. Can she do it?

All about the murder mystery fiction from Sharon Woods Hopkins and Bill Hopkins, writing as The Deadly Duo.
Killerfind (Second in the Rhetta McCarter Series)

When Rhetta McCarter's '79 Camaro is destroyed in a fire, her best friend and mechanic Victoria (Ricky) Lane, finds a replacement, a "barnfind" vintage Camaro in perfect condition, except for one major flaw: a body buried beneath it. Later, Ricky is arrested when a second victim is found murdered in the same barn. Rhetta is convinced not only that Ricky is innocent, but that the two murders are connected. The police don’t agree, so Rhetta is forced to fight her way through a labyrinth of danger and misdirection to find the real murderer before the killer finds her first.

All about the murder mystery fiction from Sharon Woods Hopkins and Bill Hopkins, writing as The Deadly Duo.
Killertrust (Third in the Rhetta McCarter Series)

While driving home from work, banker Rhetta McCarter’s quiet evening is shattered when she witnesses a fatal hit-and-run accident. Her world is soon turned upside-down when she learns the dead man, a total stranger has no identification, except her business card. Then Rhetta’s long estranged and presumed dead father leaves her a voice mail telling her that he can prove the victim was murdered. He also tells her he and the victim served together in Vietnam. But how can the caller be her father when she has his death certificate? The unknown victim is soon identified—as a soldier who died on the same day as her father in 1973! Rhetta is thrown full throttle into a deadly mystery surrounding her father and a secret trust that has already claimed three lives. Will she be the fourth?

Killerground (Fourth in the Rhetta McCarter Series)

RIGHTEOUS REWARDS RETREAT has its own unique aura-one of death. After the second mysterious death at the Retreat, Rhetta McCarter re-examines her decision to help the neighboring landowner- a Native American tribe that her Foundation selected as its first project-build a museum. Avery Fielding, the enigmatic leader of the Retreat is determined to own the tribe's land and warns Rhetta away. Were the deaths really accidents? When she finds proof that someone from the Retreat has been bulldozing a tribal burial site, will Rhetta be the next to die?

All about the murder mystery fiction from Sharon Woods Hopkins and Bill Hopkins, writing as The Deadly Duo.


Courting Murder (First in the Judge Rosswell Carew Series)


When Judge Rosswell Carew makes the gruesome discovery of two corpses on a river bank in the Missouri Ozarks, he's plunged into a storm of deadly secrets that threaten both him and his fiancee, Tina Parkmore. Unsatisfied with the way the authorities are conducting the investigation, Rosswell, who's always nurtured a secret desire to be a detective, teams up with an ex-con, Ollie Groton, to solve the case before the killer can murder again. Rosswell uncovers a maze of crimes so tangled that he must fight his way to a solution or die trying

All about the murder mystery fiction from Sharon Woods Hopkins and Bill Hopkins, writing as The Deadly Duo.
River Mourn (Second in the Judge Rosswell Carew Series)


Judge Rosswell Carew’s fiancée is still missing. Because her last call to him came from a payphone in Sainte Genevieve, Carew arranges to hold court there so he can pursue his search for her. When he witnesses someone who resembles Tina tossed from a riverboat ferry, he's plunged into a nightmare world he never knew existed. Rosswell is astounded when he discovers that what he saw and the fate of Tina are intertwined. Unable to convince the local authorities that something deadly is going on, Rosswell teams up with his faithful research assistant Ollie Groton to discover the truth. The excitement never lets up until the last page.

All about the murder mystery fiction from Sharon Woods Hopkins and Bill Hopkins, writing as The Deadly Duo.
Bloody Earth (Third in the Judge Rosswell Carew Series)


After he witnesses the prosecutor tumble to his death on the steps of the courthouse in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Judge Rosswell Carew immediately suspects his archenemy Nathaniel Dahlbert of murder. None of the authorities believe Rosswell because of his troublesome background. When he teams up with his reluctant “research assistant” Ollie Groton, unknown hiding places, untold secrets, and unsolved crimes push Rosswell to the brink. If he can’t convince the cops who the murderer is, his own life, along with the lives of his family and friends, may also come to a grisly end.

Unfinished Grave (Fourth in the Judge Rosswell Carew Series)

In the unlikely event that you're standing under a balcony and a corpse falls on you, it's probably better that it not be someone you have a grudge against. Judge Rosswell Carew's peaceful morning at a campground in the Ozarks is disrupted when the body of Judge Stoneking-Marzetta tumbles onto him. Rosswell becomes the dreaded "person of interest" who must use all his wits and wiles, accompanied by his faithful research assistant, Ollie Groton, to prove his innocence and trap the killer.

Dishonest Corpse (Fifth in the Judge Rosswell Carew Series)

Disgraced Judge Rosswell Carew gasps in horror early one morning when he watches the report of a girl murdered under the Mississippi River bridge on the waterfront, a couple of blocks from his downtown office in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Although this victim reeks of the evil handiwork of Carew’s nemesis, Nathaniel Dahlbert, Carew and his beloved wife, Tina, herself a retired sheriff’s deputy, can’t let themselves become distraught. Their new detective agency is up and running and they convince themselves this murder has nothing to do with them. Later that morning, two different people come to their agency and hire their services. Within hours, the married detectives are involved in a different murder case that not only points to the girl’s killing, but also to a possible third homicide. Rosswell and Tina find themselves caught up in a deadly cat-and-mouse game that’s got only one solution: The capture of Nathaniel Dahlbert—or the death of Rosswell Carew!

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